Left to right: wTerry Fox, Trevor Carter, Lynda Fox, Linda Westrupp, Jason Hill


Individual Alf-Alfa band members are legendary in their own right.  Jason has been described as "one of the unsung heroes of the folk revival" and Terry is Cheshire Poet Laureate.

Alf-Alfa's musical pedigree includes (in no particular order):  Oatcake Billy's Ideal Band, Thelwall Morris, Heymaker, John Lee Hooker, Jim Eldon and the Sharpshooters, Donovan, Hong Kong Morris, Boneshaker, Phil & June Colclough, Canalsiders, Black Dog Molly, Buddy Guy, Cops 'n' Robbers, New Vaudeville Band, Up to Scratch etc.

Lynda Fox

Percussion, tin whistle

Lynda has a deservedly wide reputation as a folk percussionist extraordinaire.  Together with Terry and Jason, Lynda was a founder member of Oatcake Billy's Ideal Band in 1977.


wTerry Fox


Terry's career began as a blues pianist in the 1960's: he  played in the New Vaudeville Band (with whom he recorded 'Winchester Cathedral') and accompanied blues legend John Lee Hooker. 

He began the journey into the English tradition after meeting Bob Davenport of the Blues & Barrelhouse Club in Soho. 

After moving to Stoke-on-Trent, he became a founder member of Oatcake Billy's Ideal Band, and has been a sought-after member of folk and ceilidh bands since.  In common with fiddlers Thomas Hardy and John Clare, Terry is also a poet and is Cheshire's longest-serving Poet Laureate.


Jason Hill

Acoustic & electric guitars, banjo, ukulele, melodeon

Jason began his musical career in the 1960s, playing in bluegrass and old-timey country bands, and later developing an enthusiasm for Western Swing, the jazz-influenced country dance music of Texas. 

Jason also has a thorough grounding in the traditional music of the British Isles, and was described by the late Mike Raven as "one of the unsung heroes of the Folk Revival, and a talented musician". 

He has helped to organise the Potteries Folk Song Club for over 40 years, supporting and promoting traditional music and dance: many of the stalwarts of the current folk scene took their first tentative steps in public performance on one of Jason's folk nights.

Jason was a founder member of both Oatcake Billy's Ideal Band in 1977 and Alf Alfa & the Wild Oats in 1991.  For many years, he was the band's main caller, but he now forms part of the rhythm section with his solid work on guitar and other stringed instruments.  He still calls occasionally with other bands.


Linda Westrupp


Linda is a friendly and easy-going caller, equally brilliant with complete novices and expert dancers..


Our basic line-up consists of Lynda, Terry and Jason, together with our caller Linda.

If you require a larger band, we can add one or more guest musicians as required.  Musicians who have worked with us regularly over the past few years include:

FRANK  CERIONI        Melodeon & fiddle

ADRIAN  CROSBIE      Melodeon & fiddle

PHIL  JOHNSON          Tenor banjo, mandolin & bass guitar

PETE  LATHAM            Mandolin

ERIC  NEWTON           Clarinet

Let us know your requirements, and we can put a band together to suit your budget.